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Fiction(The Kings Serpent), Kganyapa The Great Native South African Waterfall Serpent Of Old,

There are a lot of great native stories about a snake so large that it could scare the pants right of your feet. These Serpents are said to be the last of the spirit animals, they watch over the land and their Ora keeps the seasons running smoothly. They used to serve the old native South African kings back in the old days. Every king had a snake back then and it came from the ares river system. Some of them don't live at waterfalls because some areas don't have waterfalls. They live in deep pools near natural springs or in a huge hill near the river. They are told to be so large that they need to always be near deep water to support their own weight. Nobody really knows their origin, the elders say that they are just a part of nature. These are the snakes that you hear people talking about seeing by mistake in nature. There are countless native South African stories about this great Serpent. Sometimes fires just break out on top of mountains, old people say that it's the snake grooming it's path. These are just stories told by old people, but some actually believe them. I refuse to believe that God didn't create such creatures, but then again that's just me.

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Kganyapa Ora South African The Kings Serpent


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