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Monkey Gangs Mug Tourists Of Food And Belongings In Reign Of Terror

A gang of monkeys have been robbing tourists in Thailand of their food and belongings. This has caused a reign of terror as the monkeys who are said to be 'hooked on sugary drinks' have been terrorising the tourists and show no fear for humans.

What exactly caused the monkeys to get so out of hand?

The tourist hotspot Lopburi, a town in Thailand has been on lockdown and has reopened to tourists in November. The monkeys who are used to being fed sugary drinks and food by tourists were deprived of their favourite snacks while there were no tourists in town. As soon as the town reopened, the lawless monkeys began to wreak havoc.

The monkeys have been climbing on people, stealing glasses and running across cars.

The locals have been feeding the monkeys sugary treat and this has made matters worse. There seems to be no end in sight for this major problem.


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Lopburi Thailand


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