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Safety accident


Environmental accident

People will get sick if this behaviour continues in the coming years

We are living in a fast and developing world and technology keep on improving and most things are digital now. As the population of people continue to grow then production of plastic and papers also grow so that people can be covered in all industries. When you walk on the street people are not respecing their environment especialy on the rural areas and in big cities like Johannesburg.

They just through plastics and papers everywhere without taking them to dustbins so that local recycling companies can collect them for recycling. This has become habit for many people and there are negetive consequencies for land pollution. Those plastics and papers take time to decompose if not burned or collected, they end up washed away in water streams by rain.

When they are washed in water streams by rain they will contaminate that water and kill the aquatic animals that live inside. This aquaric animals include fishes, frogs and other animals. If people are going there to fetch water especialy from rural areas they might end up getting sick for using that water. Diseases like cholera are the first once to show when the water is not clean.

Another disease caused by water polution is bilharzia where viruses from the water enters your blood and cause you urinary tract infections. The sign of bilharzia is urinating drops of blood and burning sensation when urinating and if not treated while it's still early it can cause you further complications even life threatening.

Land pollution is a major problem around the world and is caused by a variety of factors. Some of main causes of soil pollution include deforestation, erosion, agriculture, industry, mining, landfills and illegal dumping of waste as well as urbanization and construction .

With its direct impact on the environment and consequently on the health of humans, animals and plants, soil pollution is a real problem that involves both political powers and citizens. Soil is not a renewable resource.

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