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How can a grizzly bear stop a charging bull

In the world of animals, just like in human world, there has been an unending contest between and among the animals. Some like moving along with one another while some see threats in the presence of one at the expense of others.

Bull is an absolute and one of the most fearless charging animal in the universe. Once a bull get charged, only God know who can stop or probably defeats her.

Buffalo on her side have different species, and apparently, African Buffalo has been considered as the most dangerous and strongest of the Buffalo species and animal in Africa.

But will a grizzly bear then face the already charging bull? Bull was considered to be bigger than bear in physical appearance and weight.

And in short, Africa buffalo is far more aggressive than bear, and even other animals like hippopotamus and others.

The image above represent the how the physical fight between bull and bear.

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Africa African Buffalo Buffalo Bull


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