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If you find this animal at your home yard, call the police immediately. Here is why

Pangolin is one of the most poached animal in the world and it is one one of the most endangered animal. Government try by all means to stop poachers from killing this animal for its scales & meat trade. It is said that the scales are used for medicinal purposes at eastern countries where they treat cancers with it and other related diseases.

So african continent is one of the places where this animal is found. It is mostly found in the karoo or savanna regions like kruger national park. You can also come across with it by mistake at the bush when you are walking around especially people who are herding livestocks. Some people reported to have seen it in the bushes and unfortunately it always get caught because it is not faster like other wild animals.

If police find you holding this animal you will be in a very big problem with the law because they are doing everything to try and protect them from becoming extinct. So the punishment of poaching especially on the side pangolin is very harsh. So it is not wise to be seen with this animal or you will find yourself in the wrong side with the law.

If you ever find it at your home yard you must call the police to come abd collect it. It can enter your premises by mistake if it escaped somewhere so if you ever find it in your yard you must call the local police and they will come and take it. There are facilities that deal with protecting this animals so it will be taken and given to experts then they will release it in the wild.

The diet of pangolins is fairly simple and straight forward. They are carnivorous animals, usually consuming a wide variety of ant and termite species but are also able to eat larvae and a few other insects. Since they have no teeth pangolins consume their prey whole using a unique stomach to digest the food.

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