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SAPS shoot old farmers in Limpopo, after a mining company denied them access to their grazing land

“A village in Limpopo is being refused excess into their grazing land by a mining company that has barricaded the land and the police are helping the mining company by shooting the old men from the Village.” The issue of land in South Africa takes another huge turn. People in Limpopo are no longer allowed to occupy the land they have worked hard for. They have been reported to the police by a mining company that wanted to chase them away. It is frustrating to see the police shooting old farmers, who are harmless and want their grazeland, to raise their cattle and practice farming. The same mechanisms that the west used to take the land forcefully in South Africa is replicating itself. Old farmers in Limpopo are complaining that a mining company is taking what belongs to them. Mines are there to extract minerals, and export them to Europe, Asia and America for making profits. Africans need their land for grazing and farming. It is heartbreaking, because these mines do not treat nearby residents as they should. Good thing about mines is job creation. However, they should come in agreement with the residents and not do everything without informing anyone. 

These farmers are worried about their livestock. Animals will have no place to graze, since the land will be used for mining. Residents will have to relocate, and find another place to settle. This is chaotic and it is embarrassing to see the SAPS engaging physically, and not finding alternative ways to deal with this matter. It was reported that the police were using firearms, after the mining company lodged a complaint. The matter needs to be resolved in a civilized manner. The land that belongs to others should be taken by compensation. No reports of deaths yet.

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