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Warning Graphic photos: A man turned into Leopard like after bleaching went wrong

There are only 21 living creatures that are capable of changing their complexion or rather their colors. Some animals are capable of changing their colors with varying degrees of transformation. This may be a very gradual shedding of fur or feathers seasonal camouflage, occurring only twice a year. In other animals, more rapid changes may be a form of active camouflage or signaling.

So it might come as a surprise to many after a young man posted on his social media account that he will never bleach again after he turned blueish and grow spot, the leopard style. In his post, the boy who goes by the name Sinethemba Nzimande shows his before and after and perhaps makes a powerful statement to those who are using harmful lotion and chemicals to bleach.

Sinethemba Nzimande might have come public about his bleaching and the consequences but he is one of many South Africans who are bleaching. A significant number of South Africans have long struggled with their Africanicity

Mercury, one of their most common active ingredients, lightens skin in two ways. It exfoliates the tanned, outer layers of the skin through the production of hydrochloric acid and inhibits the formation of melanin by rendering the enzyme tyrosinase inactive.

A 2016 study of 29 over-the-counter lighteners in Cape Town found that about 40% contained mercury. Mercury-laced cosmetics can damage the kidneys eyes, skin, and lungs the World Health Organisation warns.


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