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He catches snakes for a living. Would you do it?

The snake catcher has had a busy December. He has already caught more than 15 black mamba in in this month alone. The Durban based snake rescuer says this is his busiest mamba catching summer yet.

The snake catcher as he is commonly known is conservationist Nick Evans. He has been kept busy this rainy summer, especially by black mamba terrorizing people all over Durban.

Mr Evans said calls to catch snakes have been higher than usual. Currently he is managing about five black mamba rescues each day. He remembered one of his most recent and most difficult rescues in an interview. He said he had been trying to catch two black mambas living in a garden compost.

The snake had been there for a few weeks. As expected, none of the residents where happy about them. This he says was probably the most difficult situation he had ever faced when capturing a mamba.

What made it even more difficult was that the garden compost was on a steep embankment. One couldn’t walk on it. If he had taken a step there, he would have fallen straight through. But with some luck, he managed to catch the snakes.

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