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Checkout what Sakawa boy found on his car when he stepped out to buy something.

Sakawa is a word that refers to individuals who have accumulated money and riches in an unethical or illegal manner. Everyone wants to be wealthy, but not everyone is willing to

put in the effort necessary to acquire that wealth. Many people in Africa, particularly the young, resort to money rituals in order to accumulate riches.

A young guy got out of his car to purchase something from a vendor, and when he returned, he saw a woodland Cobra sitting on the hood of his vehicle. Please look at the photograph below, which shows the snake forcefully sitting on his vehicle.

Snakes are the most recent of the reptiles, having first appeared in the fossil record at the period of the dinosaurs. They are also the most dangerous. It is believed that they descended from ground-dwelling or burrowing lizards that took use of the survival benefits offered by their cylindrical, legless bodies in order to survive. They gave up their external ears and evolved transparent scales to protect their constantly open eyes from dust and other harmful substances. These creatures developed enlarged internal organs, highly specialized muscles, and tough, scaled skins in a variety of patterns and colors, which served as camouflage and offered some limited protection against predators and the weather.

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Africa Cobra Sakawa


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