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How To Permanently Stop Wall Gecko From Coming Into Your House,home%20to%20scare%20off%20geckos.&text=the%20odor.,a%20home%2Dmade%20pepper%20spray.

Geckos on the wall are a common sight in many houses and even the palace has them. Despite this, a lot of people think that this lizard is never going to be a threat to humans, and some even represent it as a Housekeeper, which suggests that it also helps us get rid of pests and cockroaches by eating them.

Killing it would be completely unjustified for this reason; yet, some people believe that the wall gecko is a portent of malevolence.

Never lose sight of the fact that it is also one of God's creations. You are not need to kill it in order to put an end to its existence if you utilize any of the following strategies.

Utilize garlic:

If you detect a wall gecko inside the house, simply break some garlic cloves into small pieces and dump them at the locations where you saw it. After that, it won't be able to get back inside the house. Because wall geckos avoid areas where there is a strong odor of garlic.

Don't provide pests a place to hide in your home by not cleaning it and removing clutter, especially from the kitchen; this will make it more difficult for them to get food and water.

Eliminate all of the insects in your home.

Because wall geckos feed on insects, they won't enter your home if there aren't any insects for them to eat. Therefore, you should make every effort to get rid of all the insects in your home by applying insecticide.

Close up all of the holes in the wall and windows.

Make sure that your walls and windows do not have any holes in them, and if there is even a small area through your window, make an effort to stop it. Use cement to patch up any minor holes that you find in your walls.

Use eggshells:

This is a very strong notion since geckos have an uncommon phobia of eggshells, and if you break the eggshells and dump them at the spot where the wall gecko normally passes, it will scare the gecko.

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