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It's Summertime, How To Fend Of Large Snakes Entering Your Property

Its Summertime and life is rough if you live in the outback. Many of South Africa's rural areas are situated next to a large area of bush and river systems. This calls for the apex predators of the rivers to come out from the deep. Snakes are relatively secretive creatures and they like to keep to themselves in the sense bush. The problem starts to occur in the hotbseason when food and water is scarce. If there are farms nearby which have cattle or chickens, the large pythons and other constrictors will be sure to come running. If you live in the rural area then you will know what I'm talking about. I live at Mine view in Tzaneen and I one day woke up to a very scary sight. I just turned around the garage to go to the toilet and I was met by a very large brown spotted snake slithering along into the bush behind the house. I just stopped and stared as the very large Python slithered away. Then I thought about my situation and I thought to myself, one day I'm going to find that beast in my house. Since I did not know where it came from, I decided let me get a dog. At night I would hear the dog barking and one day I mastered the courage to go out. I realized that the snake lived on the tree just outside my yard. My dog barked and intimidated the snake until it left and never came back. A dog is the best way to Fend of a very large snake, if I were you and I had a snake problem, I would get a very large dog.

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