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The Only Land In The World That No Country Wants Which Is In Africa [PHOTOS]

PHOTOS: The Only Land in the World That No Country Wants Is in Africa

One of the most valuable assets one can have in today's society is ownership of land. People and nations have a strong desire to protect their homelands at all costs. There is a piece of land in Africa that has no owner despite the fact that several countries are involved in boundary conflicts.

Only Bir Tawil has not been claimed by anyone or any nation. Northern Sudan and Egypt both reject the ground despite their countries' proximity.

As one of North Africa's most dry locations, Bir Tawil spans more than 2,000 square miles. No one can live there because of the scarcity of access to transportation, long-term residents, and natural resources. There is nothing in it for any country to gain by taking this land.

According to reports from credible sources, the region has no shoreline, no surface water, and soil that does not support cultivation as the primary reason for its rejection by both countries.

In addition, the road leading to the land passes through a military camp, and one of the sites where a big number of terrorists and Egyptian soldiers are gathered has been targeted with direct air and surface fire.


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