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Has This Ever Happened to You?

When you walk outside your house and see this scary scene, the sound of the snake it is so scary. But if I could take action to save the bird. I would also be looking into the spiritual symbolism of the snake and the bird, examine my current situation and see what the universe is telling me. 

Sometimes I am thinking of killing the snake, but if the snake is on my roof like that then, it is trying to make itself at home. Some of you will be talking about letting nature taking its course, until it grabs your child or family pet.

But we all know that Eagles are very smart, they change a battle field because they know that a snake on the ground is very dangerous but on the sky is useless.

People that have too much experience with snake, the people that have mastered the behaviour of snakes know that it is going after your dog or cat later. You should have the same energy by pulling a chair and watch.

Wait till it’s done eating, make sure it’s not an invasive species, and then relocate it. If it’s a pet snake that looks like a Carpet Python so it could be then I’ll keep it for my reptile collection! Snakes are wonderful animals and it is so sad to see the hate for them.

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