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Snake season is here, Heres how long it will last and how to keep yourself safe.

It's snake season once again and many South Africans are more at risk of being bitten. To help you protect yourself during this time I have put together a list of tips to keep snakes away from you. Below is how long the season will last and how you can keep yourself safe, remember to share this article as this information may save someone from a nasty bite.

Snake Bite season occurs every year between October to April, because of the rise in temperatures during this time snakes become more active. This means that people have to pay more attention to what they do outdoors and the state in which they keep their homes.

To keep snakes out of your home, you may want to get rid of other pests that are living in your home. Things like Rats and Lizards provide a food source for snakes, so they are naturally attracted to them.

Compost heaps as well piles of wood and lumber in your yard also attract snakes. They provide snaked with good places to nest, that may also disguise them from predators. It's also been suggested that green garden hoses also provide places for snakes to nest.

When going out into bush or woodland areas, remember to keep a watchful eye out. As these are natural homes for snakes and they can move fast and stay hidden in these areas, so it's best to stay alert. If you ever come across a snake, do not approach it, while a lot of snakes are harmless, some snakes can kill people with their venom. Leave them alone and move as far away from the area as you can. If the snake is in your home then call an expert immediately.

Something that we should remember is that snakes are just animals. However, they are highly misunderstood as people have an irrational fear of them. Just because a snake is in your vicinity doesn't mean you should kill it. Just because an animal is believed to be dangerous, doesn't mean it should be condemned to death. What do you think of these observations?. Tell me in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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