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Giant Python Caught On Camera Minutes After Swallowing An Unknown Creature

People were left wondering what the snake was eating after seeing a video on social media. Villagers in KZN from an unnamed location observed a huge python relaxing outside its barrow minutes after they arrived. They realized that the snake had recently consumed an unknown substance. 

Men can be heard in the video asking each other what the snake might have eaten. Because it appeared to have devoured an adult human. By the way it appeared to have a belly. Villagers attempted to drag it by its tail, but the snake was able to return to its barrow unhurt. 

Despite the fact that snakes are hazardous, men put their lives on the line to capture the event. Because I couldn't figure out what the snake had devoured. Men were at a loss for words as to whether it was a human or a cow, claiming that no cow had gone missing in the village.

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Giant Python KZN


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