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Funny Pictures And Jokes for fun

Donkeys can survive in arid, hot settings. They are powerful creatures that can labor hard and carry heavy loads. They are frequently described as stubborn, but they are really simply very good survivors, which is crucial to remember when working with them: the majority of their behavior stems from their need to survive, and as a result, they avoid anything that is challenging, frightening, or painful.

Donkeys make excellent guard animals; the proper gelding or jenny will look after an entire herd of cattle, sheep, or goats, and the donkey's natural dislike to predators will encourage the herd to avoid canine attacks.

Donkeys are still well-deserving of the moniker "beasts of burden" notwithstanding increased mechanization. They play a major role in the transportation of people and commodities in rural, arid, and semi-arid areas around the world, especially where roads are inadequate or non-existent.

Donkeys are also the cheapest form of farm power other than human labor, putting them within reach of the "poorest of the poor"; they are available to women in cultures where men typically manage the draft animals, alleviating the drudgery of women's household tasks such as carrying water and firewood.

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