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Almost got bitten by a Snake fortunately I was ready for her, brave man attacked spitting cobra


Some people do not get along with snakes, the minute they spot a snake nothing comes to mind besides bricks and stones. Man shared a picture of a dead snake after he attacked it with stones and bricks. He tweeted that the snake almost got hold of him fortunately enough he was ready to strike back.

After taking the like of a venomous snake he took a picture and shared with the public. He wrote down a brave tweet saying " This mother snake tried to bite me unfortunately I was ready for her" he wrote. From what he wrote man seemed to be happy that he escaped death. With nothing but bricks and stones he used to attack back.

When it comes to such cases of snake attack we realize that snakes attack mainly people to provoke them. Either than that a snake walks away from the spot. Until one panics and causes a scene, black people are way scared of snakes but hardly bitten. This grown up man could never believe how brave he is by looking at the size of the snake.

Man had nothing to say without showing any prove. Below are comments shared on Twitter, like share and follow for more articles.

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