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15 most beautiful birds listed, check them out

If you are having a dull day, taking a look at the birds which the earth has been blessed with can totally change your whole perspective of life.

When pretty birds come into view, many people admit that they suddenly felt lighter.

Going for a bird watch is part of therapy which scientists recommend.

Below are 15 of the most beautiful birds you may come across.

1. Gurney’s Pitta

This is one of the most beautiful birds which you may ever come across. It loves insects and prefers staying on the ground in rainforests.

2. Bohemian Waxwing

It is a unique beauty which is found in Eurasia and America. Insects and fruits make up it's diet.

3. Dusky Lory

If you ever heard of a specie that is noisy, playful and intelligent, a dusky lory is definitely one of them. This lovely parrot is such a beauty to look on.

4. Blue Bird-of-Paradise

Rated as one of the most beautiful birds, the blue bird of paradise is such a lovely sight to behold. It is found in the forests of New Guinea.

5. African Crowned CraneThese are found in sub-saharan Africa and parts of South Africa. Before they mate, the male performs a dance which many people love to see. It uses its feet to scratch the ground as it hunts for insects.

6. Greater Bird of Paradise

In the 18th century, Europeans thought that the greater bird of paradise had no feet and could not touch the ground.

7. Superb Lyrebird

The lyrebird possesses a distinctive tail which has some beautiful strands. It is known for mimicking every sound it hears, be it a machine gun sound or dogs barking. You can click this link to watch some of the sounds it makes.

8. Cuban TodyCommonly found in Cuba and other small islands, the Cuban tody is small, cute and colourful.

9. Secretary BirdIt is a bird of prey that is known for hunting down small mammals and snakes. It has long legs and uses its feet to stomp at prey. It is such a beauty to set your eyes on.

10. Resplendent QuetzalIt possesses extremely beautiful feathers which you can always notice. It is usually found in the Tropical central america.

11. Red Crested TuracoThey have a strawberry head crest and at times make sounds like those of monkeys. This turaco is found in Congo and other parts of central Africa.

12. Marvelous Spatuletail

It is found in thick rain forests and it is a rare sight to come across. So many myths have been spread of this specie which possesses striking colours and is rated as one of the most beautiful hummingbirds.

13. HoopoeWhen excited, the crest goes up and it is known for hammering trees with it's beak. It possess intelligent looks and has some pretty looks.

14. King of Saxony Bird-of-Paradise

It is found in the forests of New Guinea and has distinctive features which include silver-blue head plumes which can grow up to twice it's length.

15. Barn OwlFound all over the globe in hot and cold climates, the barn owl may not be as colorful as other birds on our list but it is such a beauty.

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