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Community is being terrorized by Animal they do not know which is looking for blood.

Topic: Community is being terrorized by Animal they don't know which is looking for blood.

Writer: Mukonazwothe.

This is the true story which is happening in my Area, Hamutsha and Tsianda village in Limpopo, South Africa.

Phalaphala FM which is SABC radio station reported about the situation in Ha-Mutsha and Tsianda village, were community members are being victimized by an animal which they don't even know.

This animal started killing chickens and drinking the blood at night and then went to pigs, killing thousands of them including dogs, with one purpose of blood only.

Community members more especially those who have animals in their yard are living in fear of this animal which is only seen at night.

Some who have seen it are saying it is for the first time seen animal like that, and it seems like it change its appearance. Some are saying this might be a witchcraft, not a real animal but still members of the community are living in fear, thinking that it will kill them after finishing the animals around the area.

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