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Old men goes viral fighting for meat in public (Watch Video)


When it comes to food some people are stubborn. A video has gone viral on tiktok were two old men are caught on camera fighting for meat. It is alleged that they went hunting as a group. Only to come back with one wild animal got by the dog they both don't own.

Upon arriving home the other guy started claiming the meat. He made as though the meat belongs to him, started causing drama in public to a point we're residents took a video of them to share on social media. On the video he is shouting out that nobody will have the meat before he gets half of the carcass.

What started as disagreement took a turn, men started holding each other publicly. Without a warning fist fight broke,they beat each other for a small carcass their dogs couldn't catch in the wild. Could this be caused by hunger. Leave your comments and share the article.

Link to the video below:

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