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They Are Called The Ostrich Tribe. Check Out The Tribe With Rare Two Toes

Africa is blessed beyond measure. We have the most things on earth and the evidence can be found anywhere on the continent. From culture to music, food to art, tradition to people, and the list goes on. Anyway, you think about changing Africa then you’re on the continent.

 Thanks to technology, which has given us so many more things. As we talk about most things in Africa, let me draw your attention to the VaDoma tribe in Zimbabwe. If you think you’ve seen everything in Africa, the ostrich foot tribe of VaDoma will make you change your mind.

 Have you felt or seen this special tribe? They have special two toes that oppose everything you think of as human and moving. The tribe of VaDoma, can be called Dema or Doma. They are a hunter -gatherer tribe who live in the Kanyema area around the tree trunks of the Zambezi River Valley.

 The tribe is best known for having a unique genetic condition known as Ectrodactyly or lobster claw syndrome. This is the loss of one or more fingers or toes at birth.

 Inherited dominant genetic mutation can only affect the feet of one in four children within the vaDoma population. Their middle toes are left and the two on the outside are turned away. According to medical science this condition of the toe is known as Ectrodactyly. It is an inherited dominant genetic mutation. Some theorize that the change could have an adaptive benefit if it helped the tree climb. It is more likely, however, that the defect remains prevalent in Vadoma due to a small genetic pool among Vadoma. It is against tribal law for members outside the group to marry and as a result, the condition that there are two people does not spread to other tribes.

 The tribe is sometimes referred to as “two -legged tribe” or “ostrich -legged tribe”. However, those with the condition are not considered disabled in the community and it is believed that their toes will enable them to climb trees much better.

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