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Meet Zonkey, a young and adorable foal of a Zebra mother and a Donkey dad


It is rare to see animals being cross breed especially when they are of different environment. Zebras are well known to adopt from the wild, while donkeys are animals much domesticated.

Baby Zonkey is a young cross breed which is extremely rare, the cute baby animal was born by a zebra mom and a donkey dad. The two animals were placed under one kraal and this happened, photos were shared on the Internet and went viral after Zonkey. People couldn't get enough of its cuteness.

What caught the eye of the public much greatly is the fact that the baby zonkey has stripes all over its legs like its mom. But the cute tiny creature wears the same coat as its dad from the body to the face. These characteristics combine both Zebra mom and Donkey dad.

The little foal after birth was found with it's mother at the park. It is alleged that the zebra was supposed to escape from the park and join the herd. Little did they know that the mother has have birth to a baby that is unusual.

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