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Impala park tiger owners are not breaking the law

Following up on articles I came across articles about two tigers that has been discovered as 'pets' in a home in Boksburg, Johannesburg, which happens to be situated behind a nursery school. The two large white tigers were spotted sitting on a jungle gym by the teachers of the Boksburg creche.

"The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ( SPCA ) in Boksburg, is investigating the case of the tiger being kept as a pet at a home in Impala park, which they call "a shocking situation" .

The owner of the creche in Impala park says " she fears for the lives of the children in their care".

Manager Vicky Finnemore said " they found the tigers were in good condition, although questioned weather their enclosure was adequately secure". "Our hands are tied" said Finnemore.

"She explained that owning a tiger as a pet is legal and owners dont need permits to keep these wild animals, but they need to have a permit for transportation ".

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Impala Johannesburg Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Vicky Finnemore


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