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VIDEO: This is my reason why I see people from Nigeria dangerous. King is not happy with this man

A man in Lagos, Nigeria, was seen on the streets comfortably having a crocodile on his shoulder. He was very relaxed and not worried that anything bad would happen. The amount of relaxation with the crocodile on his shoulder was the moment that surprised a lot of people, while he was focusing on something else.

He is not the only man seen with a crocodile on his shoulder. People from the comment section have shared other moments where they have had a man with a crocodile, on their shoulders. A crocodile is very dangerous and everyone knows it. Some people they can't have even if it was not dead, and as it is not alive, it does not have any danger. But other people still don't want to be next to it.

It will be dangerous at all times. Being scared of something would be like having some people who don't want to be next to that animal because they still see the danger part of it even though it has died. They are still applying safety measures to them even though they are not needed at that moment. A dangerous dead animal does not pose any danger because it is simply dead.

One other thing you would ask yourself is, what are they doing with that animal? One possibility is that they would cook it. Many people are seen all the time having to eat meat from the bush animals, but it is the ones that everyone can eat or have a taste of. They are seen and approved, so you can enjoy that meat.

Other people have expressed themselves that "that is why people from Lagos are dangerous" and it is because of the crocodiles on their shoulders. Other people like to engage in something that is not done by everyone else. They want to be different all the time as much as possible. Whether it is good or bad, the response will not be the same. Surely you have your response to it.

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