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For what reason were hyenas never tamed in Africa?

I feel like they would be similarly just about as accommodating as wolves were to Europeans. 

Which one ! 

The striped hyena is effortlessly restrained and can be completely prepared, especially when youthful. Albeit the Antiquated Egyptians didn't consider striped hyenas are holy, they did apparently tame them for use in chasing. On the off chance that it's spotted hyena won't ever be restrained despite the fact that a few group in Nigeria use it for various purposes . spotted hyena is perhaps the most dreaded creatures on the planet, yet in this little Nigeria town called Abbas, known as the " Hyenas man has prepared them so he can hand feed them inside his home.

In opposition to what mainstream motion pictures like The Lion King may advise you, hyenas are not the careless eating machines we regularly misinterpret them to be; fairly, they are undeniably more insightful than we might suspect – indeed, with regards to helpful critical thinking tests, they're significantly more astute than chimpanzees! 

Adequately sure, examines have shown that spotted hyenas (the most renowned species) have an intricate social conduct, especially because of their lot of frontal cortex (the piece of the cerebrum that is associated with social conduct). Thusly, they can lead complex public activities, take part in collaboration when chasing or guarding themselves, perceive rank connections of others, recognize each individual's particular vocalizations, adjust to new circumstances, and even advance…

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