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The truth about what people who owns tortoises is finally revealed

There are many different types of animals that people likes to keep as their pets, and there are many reasons why they do so. The most popular pets that are kept in most places are dogs and a cats. But there are other animals that some people really like even though they are unusual and sometimes scary, these animals includes snakes, tigers, lions and more. The most interesting animals that some African people keep to themselves is a tortoise, but why would anyone want to own a tortoise? There is a huge secret here, it turns out that a tortoise can be used for spiritual purposes

Since this question was asked on social media, a lot of answers also came from social media. It is believed that a tortoise can be used to perform witchcraft, they do this by taking a piece of clothing of a person they want to perform witchcraft on. After they have done this, they take that piece of clothing and put it inside the shell of a tortoise and use some spell to slow down a person's life. It is believed that the life of that particular person will be slow, just like the pace of a tortoise. This includes the success which that person was supposed to acquire

But this is not the only thing that a tortoise is used for, there are other things that it can be used for which does not includes witchcraft. Some people believe that it can be kept as a family member and some people believe that it can bring luck, protect people from evil spirits and makes peace

With all those answers, you can clearly see that a tortoise is not just a pet when it is owned by certain people, it has so many uses that can be beneficial to them. But for most traditional healers, they claim that tortoises help them heal their patients as the can communicate with their ancestors through them


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