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Lion ‘bites off’man’s finger as he tries to pet it through the wires of its cage [watch]

These animals are kept in a cage for a reason, and that reason is because they are poisonous and have the potential to take your life. One individual, however, took the initiative to pet a lion by putting his hand inside the enclosure. 

After attempting to pet a potentially hazardous animal, witnesses saw a man rip off one of his fingers. 

I believe that all he was attempting to do was show off, but things went horribly wrong when the lion seized his palm with its mouth. 

You can see the man writhing around and attempting to extract himself from the lion's mouth in the footage. 

If you, the man, were trying to show off by teasing the lion, then it's safe to say that it ended in tears for you. 

The lion sat very still and patiently waiting for him to relax his guard so that it could seize his hand with its keen jaws. 

However, the audience had no idea that the man's life was in jeopardy; they believed that everything that was happening was all part of the performance.


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