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A man walks into a bar with a leopard: Lax laws allow deadly predators to be kept at home

What would you do if you are enjoying a cold beer and suddenly a man walks into the bar with a leopard? 

That is exactly what happened in Gauteng and the video has gone viral. 

A video shows the man and a friend sitting at a table on the veranda of the Sundowners bar in Alberton.

With music blaring in the background, the cub, which is attached to a blue leash, climbs on and off the table while other customers look on, then jumps off and tries to run onto a patch of grass.

Ryan Donovan, the owner of Sundowners, confirmed a customer had brought his “wild pet animal” to his bar.

“I asked if it was a leopard. He said it was a baby jaguar and that he did not need a permit,” Donovan said.

“I don’t know if it was a leopard. Wildlife is wildlife. It had spots. It had a funny face, more pointy and not like a cat face. So is that a jaguar? I don’t know.”

Asked if this was the most unusual thing a customer had brought to his bar, Donovan said: “People come with their cats and dogs, but this was odd and very random.”

Donovan said the man was not a regular customer. “I don’t think he has ever been back since then.”

Judy Davidson, CEO of the South African Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, said people in her network were assisting Gauteng environment department officials in the search for the cub and its owner.

She said the calls for wildlife pet rescues they received were becoming stranger and stranger.


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