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How to kill rat instantly with salt and detergents

How to kill a rat with salt and detergents

If you don't want to spend money on rat poison from an aggrovet, there is another way. To make the method cost-effective and successful, you'll rely heavily on household products.

The ingredients are flour, salt, sugar, detergent, and water.

Procedure: Mix flour and sugar thoroughly in a tin or container, then add water and stir to produce a thick paste.

Add salt and any liquid detergent, such as soap, after that. Make a single solution out of them by ensuring that they all dissolve at the same time.

Fill several containers with the mixture and place it in parts of the house where rats are known to congregate.

After a while, check to see if the procedure worked and collect any deceased rats for disposal.

Please try this method, and rats will no longer be a problem for you.

What other options do you have for rodent control?

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