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Elephants versus crocodile fights, have a look at the photos

Good evening kind, beautiful people of South Africa. I hope that you are having a lovely Wednesday. Today i want to share with you jaw dropping pictures of elephants and crocodiles fighting.

Elephants are the largest animals that exist on land. They have long trunks, large ears and huge legs. Elephants also have tough skin. Most animals don't start fights with them because of their massive size. Mother elephants are very protective of there young and would hurt any animal that tries to harm them.

Crocodiles are large reptiles that live by river sides. They are feared animals because they have a lot of strength. They also have very sharp teeth that can tear into the flesh of any human or animal.

Have you wondered what would happen if an elephant and crocodile got into a fight? Then check out these photos.

Once again thank you kindly for reading, enjoy your evening.

Content created and supplied by: Melissa_M (via Opera News )

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