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The interaction of human beings and the Marine spirits (opinion)

When someone mentions the term "marine spirit" a picture of mermaids and snakes floods our minds, but marine spirits are more deeper than that. Some rivers and lakes are off-limits to human beings because of the spirits.

The Rural Communities had their share of experiences on these spirits, learners went to school and never came back and later reported to be swallowed by rivers, and the next day bloodless bodies are found on the banks of the river.

Some Communities believe that the Marine needs to be respected, they went as far as talking With The Unseen before passing the river,

some people make offerings of fruits and animals to the rivers because they believe that the spirit that is inside the river must not be angry otherwise anything moving near the River will not live to see the next day.

In some cases it is believed that the spirits change their form, they sometimes appear as human beings or beautiful Creatures like stones and flowers, they are believed to have the power to draw people unto them,

and if your luck is not by your side they loot you, but if you managed to escape the looting you become the richest and luckiest person in the world. Unbelievable right!!!!

We are educated not to pass by the river unless we have no other way, especially at night as it is believed that they leave the waters and feast in the land during the night.

Source Mr mavuka

Source Google

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Marine With The Unseen


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