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The Strange Animal Called “Bush Baby” — See Pictures.

I remember hearing about Bush baby when I was a kid. It's been described as a strange and strange creature. The fact that it was said to always wail like a baby piqued my interest the most. This always takes place late at night. They say the night is gloomy and filled with terrors. Bush babies eat humans, particularly babies. It goes out every night hunting for uncaring humans to consume and feast on. Bush baby always vanishes at night, which will pique your interest. This makes it extremely difficult to catch. Always be on the lookout for a baby's screams if you find yourself alone in a dense thicket. It's possible that the popular Bush baby is lurking nearby. It has a mellow, tenor voice,assisting her in luring her preys to her. 

They feed on both human and other animal flesh they are extremely dangerous and very difficult to catch,so can only be caught by experienced hunters or explorers. I've never seen a Bush baby, but I want to see one in a zoo someday

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