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OPINION| I think the water might be contaminated by poisonous chemicals which caused these deaths

Judging by these pictures the majority of them seem to be youngsters or pups i wonder if that won't prehaps give them an indication of something specific. Youngsters would have a harder time learning the ropes once no longer depentant on momThis is indeed very sad as they are a huge part of the food cain and important to the ecosystem, strange how nature tells us that something is badly wrong but we do nothing about it. Why not feed a starving seal then we must not feed starving people, in Africa and call it nature sorting itself out to. Why is the waiting period for results going to take 3 months that is beyond unacceptable does nothing but havoc get done fast in this country, where are our thousands of marine biologists now. Chinese trawlers that seem to have carte blanche on decimating our waters sounds about right, maybe the sea is fished out hence the seals are starving seems logical probably some Anc pay back deal to the Chinese ?

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