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Cow in Limpopo does the unexpected, leaving villagers out of words, see what they caught it doing


These days domesticated animals lack pastures and clean water to drink. It is quite normal to see animals roaming the streets in search of food. This happen a lot since upcoming farmers fail to receive land from government. In Limpopo a cow was spotting drinking from a tape.

It is unknown how the animal managed to open the tape, on the the cow is seen opening the tape and later started to drink the water same way humans normally do. The person who took the video couldn't wait to share the video online for closure. Since to him such behavior is not normal.

Photo credit: Tiktok

People on social media gave our their reaction after watching the video. Below are comments they shared regarding the behavior of this animal. Are cows really good learners like dogs?. Leave your comment below don't forget to like share and follow for more content Danko.

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