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Meet The African Tribe That Hunts Human Being, This Is The Reason Why They Feed On It

Traveling somewhere requires planning ahead of time. So we don't regret it, we must research the destination well. We can always search, browse, and discover on the internet. So many things are happening globally that I feel compelled to issue this warning. In other regions, people don't wear clothing, don't use slippers, and haven't seen electricity since their customs forbid it.

The reason why an African tribe eats human flesh will be revealed today.

The Korowai tribe is from Papua New Guinea. Since ancient times, the tribe has lived in savagery. They merely knot a piece of fabric and move about with it, men and women alike.

Also, this tribe is cannibalistic, feeding on raw human flesh. And I'll explain why they do it. They believe in bad spirits and demons, which is why. They believe that demons and evil spirits cause all illnesses. That is why they attack and consume anyone who is suspected of being possessed by demons. The tribe still exists and maintains its customs. Here are some of their photos.

What else can you say? Can you live amongst such?

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African Korowai Papua New Guinea


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