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In eDumbe people did this to the Leopard. Check here

Townspeople KILL 'Torturing' LEOPARD! 

Townspeople in eDumbe have pledged to fall back on slaughtering the wild creatures that have tortured them for some time. 

This admonition came after they killed a panther on Saturday. They assert the panther has a place with a rancher who keeps panthers in his fenced timberland right across the town. 

Mfana Zwane asserted ranchers came to purchase trees nearby. 

"They offer the trees to Sappi and Mondi, the organizations that production paper," said Zwane. 


"After they saw that occupants went inside these homesteads to bring wood, they chose to fence the backwoods and put a couple of panthers inside to protect them from inhabitants." 

He said recently these panthers left the backwoods to eat their domesticated animals. 

"Our domesticated animals is being done by these panthers. Our lives are even in peril since panthers eat whatever has blood." 

He said during the Saturday episode, occupants including kids chose to design a snare where the panther regularly strolled when chasing for prey. 

"Occupants have deliberately contemplated that when a panther realizes he got his prey in a specific spot, he generally utilizes a similar daily schedule to search for more food. 

"They saw that in a specific way (rock) in the town, there were a few impressions. That is the way they chose to place a snare in that spot." 

He said the panther was undoubtedly found in the snare made out of solid wire. 

"The snare was made such that the panther would put its head inside and afterward stall out. Each time it attempted to get its head out, the wire fixed around its neck, and it ultimately got killed," said Zwane. 

He said they didn't lament executing the creature as they considered this to be simply the best way to liberated from its torment.

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