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Naughty Chimpanzee get romantic with a tourist at the Zoo

A tourist’s trip to a zoo got ‘affectionate’ quite quickly as an orangutan caressed and kissed her in a moment caught on video. The woman was visiting Safari World in Bangkok last week when the enthusiastic animal stole a feel of her bosom and even gave her a kiss on the cheek when she was attempting to pose for a photo. The ape grins enthusiastically while onlookers took photos and filmed the meeting. The woman chuckled as the orangutan continued to lick her cheek.

The video was first shared on social media by a twitter username Dotman with a caption "The best video that you will see on internet today". The orangutan showed comfort with the woman as it is used to playing around with tourist who often visit the Safari World Zoo. It finally let go after some few second of intimacy but not without popping a smile for the ages.


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