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Wall Gecko Is Dangerous, Do These Things To Get Rid Of It In Your Home


One of the animals that can be found in most homes is the wall gecko (home lizard), sometimes known as the "house owner" in the local community. The majority of people ignore the common wall gecko and typically claim that they are harmless and have no impact on people. Some people believe that they only stake out areas in anticipation of an unfortunate insect or cockroach passing by, after which they make a meal of it.

If you belong to the group of people who hold these beliefs about wall geckos, you should reconsider after reading this article about what occurred to a family who perished as a result of these tiny animals.

Investigations later showed that a family's mother had made a pot of soup and had likely left the lid slightly ajar to let the soup's steam escape before covering the pot to let the soup cool. A wall gecko perished after falling into the soup while she was gone.

The mom and her children later consumed the soup in the evening, unaware of the incident that had occurred. Unfortunately, the day after eating the soup, the entire family passed away from poisoning. Nobody could understand right away that they had just consumed poison.

Upon further inspection, the investigator discovered the deceased gecko in the soup pot. It appears that the animal's poison seeped into the soup. Typically, geckos carry pathogens that cause sickness and have chemical components on their skin that are strange to human biology.

You must therefore come up with a strategy for eliminating all types of geckos from your property. Make every effort to remove this hazardous animal from your home. Simply combine salt and garlic and scatter it in various parts of your room to completely eliminate it from your home. You won't ever run into them again.

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