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Bullies call him a monkey, meet the boy who was living in the jungle, eating grass he is now Famous


When Eli's story began to be broadcast by Afrimax, he could not stand in front of other people. Whenever a stranger approached, he would run into the woods and his mother would chase him.

Neighbors often called him a monkey because he often lived in the woods and climbed trees. They beat her for no reason and her mother was silent because everyone was insulting her.

The mother and son are happy because after their story spreads, they find a new home with all the household items and Eli started school with the help of those who needed it.

People used to call him a monkey, but now he is famous all over the world and all the media want to interview him even though he has visited many media houses for interviews.

Before they could afford to buy food, but they had enough and shared it with people in need. The people are ready to talk to Eli, but because of security, they are not given a chance.

The mother and son lived a happy life even after being discriminated against and abused by everyone in their village.

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