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Goats attacking people, have a look at the photos

Good day everyone, i hope that you are having a lovely wednesday dispite the cold weather. Today i want to share with you some photographs of goats attacking people. These photos prove that no animal can be trusted.

A goat is a domesticated species of goat antelope. They are found in most parts of the world and are often kept as livestock. There are over 300 distinct breeds of goat. Goats are used for their milk, meat,fur and sometimes for cheese.

Did you know that female goats are called does or nannies and male goats are called bucks or billies. Goats aren't usually agressive towards people but if they feel threatned, they will attack. They can cause serious injuries.

Let's take a look at some photographs of goats attacking people. If you enjoyed reading this article, please share it.

Thank you kindly for reading, have a lovely day ahead, God bless.

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