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5 Benefits Of Having These Fowl In Your Home

Guinea fowl have a primitive look when compared to chickens and other bird species. The black and white feathers that cover their bodies are strewn everywhere. The appearance of guineas' face and neck feathers varies according on the breed. They generally have a shiny finish and are entirely black.

Despite the fact that some people dislike guinea fowls because of their reputation for being noisy, there are various advantages that may outweigh the disadvantages. Continue reading to learn about the benefits of owning a guinea fowl flock.

Some of the benefits of keeping Guinea Fowl in your house include:

1) Food Provider:

Because guinea pigs are less protective of their eggs than chickens, gathering them as a food source in the morning is straightforward. The eggs, on the other hand, are smaller than a chicken's egg.

They also have a pleasant taste. Guinea fowl are also a good source of food. Guinea meat contains very little fat and calories, making it a heart-healthy protein choice.

2) Security:

It's hard to sneak by a guinea without the rest of the flock being alerted by its loud cry. They've been seen to band together against predators attempting to attack one of them, which helps to protect other animals on the property from fox or weasel attacks. When a flock of birds gathers, they act as an alarm system for the property.

3) Pest Management:

Small snakes, as well as other pests such as rats, mice, and ticks, are caught and eaten by these birds. Another benefit of scavenging for bugs as a food source is that they get roughly 90% of their meals this way, making feeding them less expensive than feeding other fowl who consume grains.

4) Guinea pigs have an uncanny ability to catch tiny snakes and rodents.

5) Guinea pigs emit a loud alarm when they perceive a stranger or a threat.

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