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"I can hear this lion saying, you are praying right?" A lady points out as guy faces near death.

A near death experience can be the most terrifying thing one can ever experience, people across the world are terrified of death and while there are different beliefs about what follows it, no one really wants to talk about death. But what if someone can actually give a description of death from what they experienced?

A ranger's work can be extremely dangerous, and disease, injury and even death can occur frequently, lions can easily bit your head off.

One wildlife ranger was in a similar situation in this post.👇🏾

The post recieved a lot of attention as many commented on the post but very were concerned about the welfare of the ranger, most people were rather worried about the type of animal that the ranger faced.

Since they lady that made the post mistook a female lion to leopard, many could help but have fun in trolling her for her error.

I am more concerned about the ranger because judging from the picture he really looks scared and really hope that the ranger ended up coming out of this situation unscathed.

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