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Animals Gone Wild : White Couple Watches In Horror As Elephant Does This To An SUV

WATCH: Couple watches in horror as elephant topples family car in KZN game reserve

Bystanders were completely shocked when they were suddenly attacked by a bull elephant that charged the vehicle and then proceeded to overturn it in Cape Vidal, Simangaliso Wetland Park, in KwaZulu-Natal.

The park is home to large numbers wild animals ranging from Elephants, giraffes and leopards inhabit the grasslands and forests of Western Shores and Charters Creek areas. The elephant successfully overturned the vehicle and the victims had nothing else to do but to watch the whole incident while it occurred right in front of their faces, of course they were completely alarmed and shocked but there was nothing that they could really do.

The driver of the vehicle sounds his hooter trying to distract the elephant however it was set on its ways that a woman can be heard asking him to put the vehicle into reverse and get ready to move, this was truly an intense situation because the individuals were in serious danger.

All calls and queries made to the iSimangaliso Wetland Park went unanswered, but of course ordinary members of the public go to natural parks knowing very well the risks that they're taking.

These animals cannot be controlled like pets and they’ll do as they please because they have personalities, and they can be quite dangerous if they feel like you’re threatening them or imposing on their territory.

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