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Opinion - The Zulu tribal was the only strong and unified tribe

To understand what is happening to the Zulu Kingdom, you must study what happened to the Russian Tsar.

The Freemasons (Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trosky) assassinated the whole family including their dogs, cats and maids...all at once in the basement after they lured them to take a family photo, it turned out to be a hail of bullets...and that was the end of the Russian monarchy.

Jan van riebeeck returns, zulu Kingdom is infiltrated by ANC stellenborch to Disarm them Ingonyama trust, Gaja and Ramaphosa executed king zwelithini to replace him with yes boy yes sir ^ weak boy ' all discovery of new resources like oil will be in hands of Rupert and London !!

Remember same Gaja and Mandela tried to invade Lesotho in 1998 were south Africa lost many solders in Maseru ' Botswana had to backup ' Gaja is dangerous to zulu people.

Mkhulu Credo Muthwa predicted that, it's a pity now the 21st century Zulus aren't as brave as wise as those who fought at Isandlwana and Income. The Sihle Zikalalas, Bheki Celes etc are the ones selling us further, Gatsha is worse, the self appointmented Prime Minister of AmaZulu nation is deeply in the pockets of our same enemies, the Stellenbosch mafia. I am hopeless, the AmaZulu nation is going to end, inevitably. ANC is on the mission.

Open your eyes Zulu, they are coming for you!

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