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Nandi Ka Sengzangakhona The woman who was Buried With Ten Maidens Alive To Care For Her In

CHAKA BY THOMAS MOFOLO <a class=Nandi ‘mother of Shaka Zulu’ buried with ten maidens alive to care for her - The African History" height="261" width="500"/>

Nandi the mother of Shaka Zulu dated Sengzangakhona and out of wedlock Sengzangakhona slept with her and Shaka was born. The boy who grew to become a tyrant and warrior displaying one of the fearsome characters in history of human kind. Today my focus is on Nandi who real emphasized the idea of Shaka Zulu becoming the feared icon in the whole of Southern Africa. Nandi like every mother fended and raised his boy child without the help of his father Sengzangakhona.

Before we get deep into details let us see how Nandi was brought to this world it is believed she was born about 1760 - 1827 CE. She was a daughter of Bhebhe, a former chief of the langeni Nation. Shaka was made into an iron fist ruler because of his mother. Nandi was the one who looked for a strong witchdoctor which changed the whole game of politics during those years. Isanusi when founding the boy he gave him strong muthis that made his heart to be wild and fearless as illustrated in the book of (Thomas Mofolo-Chaka). Isanusi opened the forehead of Shaka and put the brain of a crocodile in his forehead, this was to give Shaka a strong appearance which no one can admire for a long time. You looked at him you had a fear moving down your spine. Shaka was washing himself in the river of Uthugela where Inkanyamba would appear and lick himself allover the body, thats why we cant deny how cruel he ordered maidens to be buried alive with his mom to take care of her in the after world. The book of Shaka by Thomas Mofolo reveal more terrifying incidents of every people who were there during the funeral were slaughtered for not crying for his mother. Indeed many zulus died from the spear of Shaka Zulu during that day.

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