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Safety accident


Environmental accident

South Africans in shock after seeing this happening in the water

It's a methane gas bubbles it is formed in water when dead organic materials such as creatures or leaves sink to the bottom of the lake, which are decomposed by bacteria. The bacteria then produces a methane which rises to the surface of lake water.

and the fun fact is if it is flammable like you see on the video above, the only thing that can stop those flame is if the water is frozen. That just means you'll have to wait for the next winter. Even when the water is frozen you can see small bubbles of methane gas.

Hydrothermal cracking taking place on a near location. It's natural gas escaping from underground. If you put a flame on the other bubbling points they're gonna be on fire also.

maybe a gas escaping from inside earth surface because of heat pressure underneath and collision of rocks causing sparks which then results in a flame that we see

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South Africans


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