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Squirrel and snake fights, have a look at the photos

Good morning kind, beautiful people of South Africa. I hope that you are having a lovely Thursday so far. Today i want to share with you some photos of snakes and squirrels fighting, something that we don't see often.

Squirrels are members of the family that includes small or medium size rodents. They are indigenous to Africa and to America. Squirrels are small animals and they have slender bodies with long bushy tails and large eyes. The fur of squirrels is silky and soft. They are mostly herbivorous and enjoy eating nuts and seeds.

Snakes are reptiles that have no limbs. Some of them live in the water while some live in trees and on the ground. Many animals fear snakes because they are dangerous. Some snakes are highly venomous. Just one bite is enough to kill an animal or human.

Have you wondered what would happen if a snake and a squirrel got into a fight? Check out the photos.

Thank you for reading, please share.

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