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The kind of Butterflies that looks like snakes left people with unanswered questions (Sensitive)

A butterfly that has wings that looks exactly like a snake left people with unanswered questions. It is no secret that many people are fond of butterflies, butterflies are just cute, and they make the world a beautiful place but after seeing these pictures of this strange butterfly some people said from now on they hate butterflies.

It is no secret that many people dislike snakes, in fact, they are scared of snakes. This butterfly looks just like any other butterfly but when you look at it closely you can see that its wings look like the head of a cobra, one of the most dangerous snakes in the world "Some butterflies..snake" said an influencer who was confused by this butterfly.Twitter uses rushed into the comment section to share their thoughts about this kind of butterflies "What kind of a butterfly is this snake?" Asked a curious Twitter user. Those familiar with this kind of butterflies revealed that they are special "It's for surviving. Their look helps them from being preyed on by other animals mostly snakes" revealed someone familiar with this kind of butterfly.

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