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"Can You Spend 1 Hour Inside these snakes For 50 Million Dollars. "

The video of Jay brewer trending on twitter asking that can you spend 1 hour on those snakes and get 50 Million Dollars.

The video of Jay brewer shows all types of snakes different sizes, different colors it seems like he was enjoying being underneath the snakes in Reptile Zoo California.

The video of Jay brewer shows that he is enjoying in the mist of the snakes he even said he dream come true, The video gets even scarier when the snakes, tangled together, fall down on Jay brewer the founder of the Zoo

"Since I was a little kid this has been one of my dreams having a reptile zoo," Jay brewer was saying that in the video, begging who ever is watching the video must follow their dreams too. After he thanked social media users for their support, Mr Brewer laughed and continued to say

"CAN YOU SPEND 1 HOUR INSIDE HERE FOR 50 MILLION DOLLARS??" asked on the video if anyone can come and spend an hour then get 50 Million Dollars. The video so far on twitter has made 318.1 k views you can watch it @Aqualady6666 on Twitter, one of the tweeps said you can keep your money

"And I humbly ask, "How will I enjoy the money when I must have provoked the snake the moment mistakenly stepped on its tail while trying to stay calm not to be afraid?" Nne, keep your money. I cannot stay with agwo... I can't even stay with one. "

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