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Animal can take down a full grown tiger

Tigers are without a doubt the highest point land tracker , yet they can truly be brought somewhere near an over the top number of animals , and in numerous occasions easily.

So , the fundamental animal that could wreck a tiger would be the elephant. Both Asian elephants , thistle elephants and forest area elephants could without a doubt kill a tiger.

Next we have most rhino species , even more expressly the white rhino , the dim rhino and the unimaginable indian rhino. (I don't figure I should get more unambiguous on how the rhino would kill the tiger , it's truly undeniable). The rhinoceros could face and attempt to kill the tiger easily this drained and pregnant dull rhino faces a couple of lions at the same time

I'll permit you to calculate the accompanying animal.

in all honesty , a hippo could wreck a tiger with a lone snack.

next we have the giraffe. As of now, since you said a totally full grown tiger I'm mainly examining a bull giraffe to play safe (females can theoritically kill a tiger too yet I'm sure various expecting you will say that a couple of giraffes have been killed by a single lion , so since the tiger is more grounded than the lion the giraffe wouldn't have a potential for progress). A huge bull could crush the tiger with a strong kick in the face

various animals that could theoritically kill a tiger anyway with some difficulty consolidate

buffalo , bison , moose , gaur , gigantic crocodile, walrus , elephant seal , poisonus snakes , jaguar seal , thoroughly mature gritty shaded bear , absolutely mature polar bear , thoroughly mature pig , oryx , yak , musk bull , elant (and clearly enormous balleen whales , orca, beast squid , phenomenal white shark , tiger shark , bull shark and sperm whale yet since they live exclusively in water their involvement in the tiger would be either unfathomable or exceptionally off the mark). By and by I'm not communicating the above animals can't be killed by the tiger too. In any case, since you asked which animals can cut down a tiger , and not which animals would win 10/10 times , the once-over of the above answers your request.

Change: The request and the reaction are plainly speculative and not reasonable so there's not a great explanation for keep on telling me that these animals live in different conditions. Obviously a tiger won't at any point meet with an elephant seal, to ultimately benefit science.

Source:Answer to What animal can take down a full grown tiger? by Houlio

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